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Some Ukulele music

Recorded during Covid-19 restrictions in Newnham Village Hall

'FISHERMAN'S BLUES' click this link.

To continue the theme - 'SINGING THE BLUES' click this link.

Blooming Heather (Wild Mountain Thyme) a perennial favorite and almost cliche in the world of Celtic music, although, contrary to popular belief, it is a modern song written by Francis McPeake who died in 1971. click this link.

If you don't like these I might 'Tell me Ma' click this link.

and as we approach Christmas here we are with the Daventry Community Choir in Holy Cross Church singing 'LOVE SHONE DOWN' using this link.

As these are on Facebook they may take a minute or two to load, so please be patient.)

christmas2 photo car festival photo

Christmas rehearsal .................................. and at Daventry's Car Festival