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FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q Do I need my own ukulele?

A No, we are happy to lend you a uke to get you started. You will very likely soon want to buy your own model, and there is a huge range of types and prices, ranging from £20 up to as much as you want to pay. We advise avoiding the very budget makes, as often they are actually quite hard to play and risk putting you off as a result.

Q Is there more than one size?

A Yes. Soprano, Concert and Tenor are the usual sizes. Which is why you might want to speak to us and try one before you rush out to buy one.

Q How good do I need to be?

A We are happy to take absolute beginners, and there are beginner classes to give you that essential support as you begin your ukulele journey, the only requirements are enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Q How often do you meet?

A We meet once a week, currently on a Tuesday evening at Newnham Village Hall. We play for around two hours. The songs are projected onto a screen, so you do not need to bring any songsheets with you, although you may wish to start building up your own collection of songsheets as your playing and involvement develop.

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