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So why do I play the ukulele?

At Christmas 2011 I was looking for amusing ‛stocking fillers’ for my wife’s presents and saw a small, bright pink, four-stringed guitar in a music shop window. When I went in, I found out that it was actually a soprano ukulele and bought it.

My wife was amused and put it in a cupboard for a couple of years; but then saw an advert for a Saturday ‟how to play the ukulele” course.

She joined a group, became reasonably good, and then bought a better uke.

When DUO set up she suggested that I should come along to see what it is like; so I borrowed her pink uke.

The group were all supportive as I kept putting my fingers on the wrong frets and lost the tune.

And then … within three weeks I could strum along with simple tunes, and like most 60’s rock stars could play 3 chords!

You can guess that I got hooked too. It is a great way to relax, it's good fun, and a great group of people.

And then … …

I bought a tenor uke …

And then … … I bought a soprano uke . . . . . . and a concert uke!

I really am hooked and love being able to play music, with friends.

And recently when a newbie beginner told me that they wished they could play like me . . . . . . . . . . . . . I just laughed.

Give it a couple of months and someone else will be buying extra ukes, and being asked how to play by beginners.